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Radio Edit "Transit" from Journeys

Larissa Baumann &Band (PIANO SOLO after ca.45 sec)

Journeys live feat. Thierry Condor with "Blue looks good on you"
featuring Larissa Baumann with "Keep walking on"
Journeys with "Cool Breeze" composed by Angelo Signore
Larissa Baumann & Band CD Release "Gotta break free" 
March 2020 at Scala
Journeys with "Get the funk" composed by Angelo Signore
Journeys Live Trailer 2017
Phil Collins performing live "You'll be in my heart"
Journeys performing "The light" composed Dennis Rosard
Journeys with "Dave is back" composed by Angelo Signore
featuring Justina Lee Brown & Band 2022
Journeys live im Moods 2012
featuring Justina Lee Brown 2016
Journeys Live Trailer 2007
Performing live with Ian Paice (Deep Purple)
Performing live "Ain't no mountain" with the Frank Tender Band 2016
Rolf Raggenbass performing live " I catch 'em, God cleans' em
Kurt Ackermann live
Making of "New Destination" 2007

Highlights 1 "Comedy Christmas" 2015 arranged & MD

Promo Trailer
Performing live "Route 66"with the Frank Tender Band 2016
Jeff Turner & Larissa Baumann performing "Whatever it takes" arranged by Angelo Signore
Trailer "New Destination"  2007
Radio Promo
Promo Trailer
Highlights 2 "Comedy Christmas" 2015 arranged & MD

 Trailer of "STORM" the Musical 2009

Larissa Baumann & Band 

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